Monday, 23 July 2012

Apologies for my absence!

I've been absent from blogging for a few weeks now. Although I'm really sorry about that it was for the best. Every word coming out of my fingers was negative as hell.

Sadly my Mum has gone "monster in law" (her words, not mine) and doesn't approve of our chosen venue. Our wedding has to be either in the town we live (Portsmouth isn't exactly the city of love) or at a Sandals resort (I want around 100 guests on a £6000.00 budget so that's not really likely to happen).

I've spent the last few weeks unable to get excited about our wedding (that's right, Mum. OUR wedding, as in Craig and I, you've had yours!). Now I'm back on it having won that argument three times. I know Mum will always resent our choice, but I also know that on the day she'll be almost as excited and emotional as I will be and her controlling side will subside. I hope.

I've been looking at some awesome things recently, check out my pinterest for some of them!

Much love xx

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